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Elliott Location Equipment - About Us

Location, Transportation & Studio Equipment Rentals
for Film, Television & Commercial Production
Serving the Western States, Gulf Coast & California


ElliottLocationEquipment.Com ~ thirty years experience in movie location equipment rental. We rent custom film production: trucks, trailers, location equipment, special effects equipment, picture cars & vintage vehicles. Owner operated. Albuquerque, New Mexico based. Serving the western & gulf states including New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee & California.


Our custom built rental vehicles include:

  • Honeywagons, Mini-Honeywagons, P'Mo's

  • All sizes of custom cargo trucks, Shorty 40's, Camera Trucks, Grip, Electrical, Prop & Pre-Rig trucks

  • Honeywagons, Mini-Honeywagons, all sizes of P'Mo trailers & trucks

  • Cargo Trucks, Shorty 40's, 5-Tons, 10-Tons,

  • Stakebeds, all sizes including oversized trucks with extra long stake beds

  • Trucks for Grip, Electric, Prop, Set Dec & Pre-Rig trucks

  • Camera Trucks

  • Camera Car & Insert Processing Trailer, Mobile Electric Camera Car

  • Water Trucks, for on-location special effects, rain making, dust control, live stock, wild fire base camp

  • Water Tankers for film & wild fire base camp

  • Hand Washing Trailer for on-location and base camp

  • Makeup & Hair Stylist Trailers and Truck

  • Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe Truck-Trailer Combo

  • Wardrobe Trailers

  • All-in-One Production Trailers including makeup, hair, wardrobe, kitchen, production suite

  • Production & Classroom Trailers

  • Star & Cast Trailers

  • Semi Trucks, Semi-Tractors

  • Long Haul Trailers for multi-car & large vehicle hauling

  • Sound-Video Truck

  • Post Production Editing Trailer for on-location, coming in 2016

  • Utility Trailers

  • All Terrain Mules

  • People Mover Vans

  • Special Effects, Wind, Fog, & Rain

  • Air-Conditioner Trailers & Cool-Mules for on-location & on-set

  • Generators, all sizes on trailers & carts

  • Vintage Vehicles & Picture Cars

  • Auto Body Painting & Decaling, in-house

Our Picture Car & Vintage Vehicle collection grows daily:

  • Decaling & Auto Body Painting, in-house

  • Cars, all styles & eras ~ picture cars

  • Military-style, all kinds ~ picture cars

  • Fire Engines, Fire Trucks with working water hoses ~ picture cars

  • Emergency & News Vehicles ~ picture cars

  • Water trucks ~ picture cars

  • Semi’s ~ picture cars

  • Buses & Vans ~ picture cars

  • Farm Vehicles & Wagons ~ picture cars

  • Kitchen Trailer (Food Truck), fully equipped ~ picture car

  • Trucks, many eras ~ picture cars

  • Pickup Trucks ~ picture cars

  • Police-style all kinds, cars, lights, vans, buses ~ picture cars

Call Wayne for details: Elliott Location Equipment (505) 328-0909. ElliottLocationEquipment.Com


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