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Elliott Location Equipment

Location, Transportation & Studio Equipment Rentals
for Film, Television & Commercial Production
Serving the Western States, Gulf Coast & California


Elliott Location Equipment -- has thirty years experience in movie location equipment & studio rentals. We rent custom film production vehicles to movie & print production companies. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico -- film production rebates apply. We serve the western & gulf coast states including New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee & California. Certified drivers are available. Mobile service truck & mechanic can come to your movie set. Samples of our vehicles are on this website. Call Wayne for ideas; vehicles are added every day. ElliottLocationEquipment.Com (505) 328-0909.

Our film production vehicles include: trucks, trailers, stakebeds. 5-tons & 10-tons, and Shorty 40's. Makeup-hair & makeup-hair in combination with wardrobe trailers, trucks & combos. Star & cast trailers. Water trucks & special effects rainmakers. Honeywagons & portable P-Mo's. Production office trucks & all-in-one production trailers. Classroom & production trailers. Grip, lighting, prop, set-dec & pre-rig trucks--custom built extra long van body cargo trucks. Extra large prop & set-dec trailer. All terrain mules & RVs with grip trailers. Custom built camera trucks. Camera car/insert car with process trailer, and electric & all terrain vehicles & camera mules. Sound-video trailers. People movers. Wind-rain-fog on-location special effects equipment. Generators & production generator semi-tractor. On-the-set mobile heaters & air conditioners. Fueler trucks & combo trailers, water buffaloes, and potable water tankers. See, our Wild Fire Suppression Support page. Hauling trailers & tow trucks, and semi-tractors. In-house vehicle body painting & movie production decaling. We rent all kinds of movie picture cars & picture vehicles: vintage, period, law enforcement, western, farm & city, working fire engines & ambulances, military, and wild west wagons & rigs. On location mobile servicing. And more…

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