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Vintage Picture Cars & Picture Vehicles for Film Production - Overview

Our Picture Car & Picture Vehicle Collections are for film production rental.  Decaling & auto body painting services, available in-house. Camera Car filming with picture car on our Process Trailer, available. Camera Car towing vehicle or wagon, available with our experienced film drivers. Delivery to set, available. New Mexico based company, film rebates apply. Our collections grow every day. Call Wayne for ideas & details.

Working Picture Cars & Picture Vehicles include: Pickup Trucks, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Taxis, & Buses. 1900s Model A cars & truck. Working Fire Engines & Fire Trucks, News & Emergency Vehicles. All sorts of Police Cars & Law Enforcement Vehicles, Prisoner Transport Buses, Lights & Motorcycles. Wreckers & Tow Trucks. Water Trucks & Semi Tractors. Scene blockers. Farm Machinery. Odds & Ends. Mobile homes & 60s camper. All sorts of Military Vehicles including Hummers, Trucks, Tankers, Trailers, colors: forest & sand. All time periods represented.  Picture cars from: early 1900s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, the sixties to modern day. Wagon wheel period: 1800s, turn-of-century, 1900s. Old west Wagons, Buckboards, Chuck Wagon, Oil Tank Wagons, Carriages, Rigs & Dr. Buggies. Many other picture vehicles & props for movie-making. Call Wayne Elliott for ideas & details, or about items not yet shown on our website - Elliott Location Equipment (505) 328-0909.